Hi Satrujeet,

Windows Subsystem for Linux, WSL and WSL2, both offer a way to “run Linux inside Windows”. At the moment, however, the Linux kernel still has limited access to certain hardware, and the GPU is not available:


I’m not an expert on the details, but the Linux kernel runs inside a virtual machine and I think this is where the connection with the GPU becomes troublesome (requiring GPU passthrough which is not available).


I believe WSL2 is a very interesting technology, so I look forward to its public release! It has some major benefits over dual-boot (most importantly you will no longer need to reboot to switch between Windows and Linux) but there are also some disadvantages (GPU availability being one of them). Finally you might want to consider the graphical interface, or desktop environment. With WSL2 you are using the Windows desktop environment, while native Linux distributions have their own variants (such as Gnome or KDE). Although it should be possible to get a graphical desktop environment for Linux running in WSL2, it is still quite a lot of hassle.

Best regards,

Erik Jan

Consultant and Lead Data Scientist at BigData Republic — https://linkedin.com/in/erikjandevries

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